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E-bay seller paranormal scammer or mentally delusional. “It’s a picture of Jesus Christ I tell you. Sells phone for 500 bucks

I came across a person selling there old phone an old cell phone for 500 dollars. The problem is, the seller say’s it takes pictures of places he has never been before and of ghosts. The seller also claims the picture is of Jesus Christ and that the phone is been used to record Heaven … Continue reading

Author Westley Fox “This book is for you Joe Eder ” you have touched many people at one time or another”. Endorses Joe Eder of Eder ministries in both of his books.

Fake friends are like shadows: Always near you at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour. True friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but they are always there.” There have been some questions concerning Author, Wesley Fox and his endorsements and affiliation with a very dark world … Continue reading

Ryan Daniel Buell in South Carolina rehab for alleged drug addiction. According to more then one source

Source: Ryan Daniel Buell in South Carolina rehab for alleged drug addiction. According to more then one source

Ryan Daniel Buell in South Carolina rehab for alleged drug addiction. According to more then one source

05/22/2017 Ex-paranormal State stars questions may now be over, this past year they had come to surface and people began to wonder, if the man had a serious drug addiction or if he had cancer, as that is what he himself had once so stated in interviews and on social media. Pancreatic Cancer: Ryan Buell Diagnosed The past year … Continue reading

Barb Wilder lashes out against the Paranormal Herald “I don’t care if Buell is a scammer he is a god”. Posts worst slander ever seen on Buell’s page in support of her fan boy.

As seen often times within the entertainment field, you have groupies, people that seem to have nothing better to do in life, other then scam others for there own self centered greed. If there is one Fine thing I wished to say, is that if someone wishes to slander my name, they probably should not … Continue reading

Ryan Buell out on bail for second time will he get into trouble again?

There is not a lot that can be said about a man that has allegedly conned people out of there hard earned money for what thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands of people, his fans are now calling his alleged drug addiction. Ryan Buell was first arrested and brought back to PA to answer charges of stealing a … Continue reading

Debra Eder of Eder ministries sends notice to 6 people your no longer ministers, as Eder ministries gets Dissolution?

One of the most interesting screenshots filtered in today. As Eder ministries unravels and even more disturbing facts filter in, the treasurer Debra Eder tells several people “They are no longer ministers. What was found to be of interest is under normal circumstances, once a person is ordained as a minister, they are then ordained … Continue reading

As Alleged fraud investigations into Joe Eder ministries continues, more evidence to support prior claims begins to surface

Earlier we discussed in an article, what has become a shame to the paranormal world and the entertainment industry. They say the prior allegations being made, may be one of the worst breaches of public trust, that has been seen in more then a decade inside the paranormal. What joe Eder is being accused of, is … Continue reading

Psychic swindles man into believing he had a love Curse’ Swindles 926,750.00

April Lee, 28, and Michael Johnson, 32,  were to answer to charges of grand theft, attempted grand theft and extortion after they were arrested during a sting operation last month in Northern California, according to court filings.’ James speaks to 20/20 Lee also allegedly operated at Northern California locations in San Francisco and … Continue reading

Former A&E Paranormal State Star”I was not with Buell, when he scammed people.

If the picture at the heading does not say a story based on that image, then just perhaps there is no story to tell. I will leave it up to the people to make there own choices and decisions. Sometimes you can be mislead as a human being, but after a while it is not … Continue reading