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Branson Ghost Tours led by Wesley Fox author. Officially shut down. Have you seen the reviews no wonder.

The allegations and statements made, are as to be considered alleged. The information is based on information provided and after initial investigative procedure we found had warranted this article.

The Paranormal Herald takes a beat down for reporting groups and things inside the paranormal entertainment sector, that others certainly do not want you the general public to know. One such case is with a tour group (Branson Paranormal) that was operating out of Branson under the said name BRANSON GHOST TOURS.

Chris About Wesley and Joe.5 - Copy - Copy

There was a lot of speculation as of recent, as to what officially happened with the suggested tour group, how ever the reviews from others showing there displeasures into the tours, just might be the ultimate sign that the tours may not of been what they should have been. There were statements made that when ticket holders attempted to communicate with the events manager, they never returned there phone calls and when some did finally make contact, they were met with poor attitudes and genuine lack of not caring and even being hurtful and downright disrespectful.

There is even one alleged case where a family by the said name Davis family made a complaint and that was a complaint as to the wife being disappointed and she is in wheel chair.Branson Ghost Tour Reviews.7 (1)

In Branson, they take there small towns entertainment really serious, since the entertainment agenda is small and so is there city, so it is said when one tour agency started getting nothing but nasty displeasured comments in references to there tours it may of just been a matter of time before the city shut the tours down. From the screenshots of there reviews that were from paying customers ,you will then come to understand the entire reasoning for the immediate shut down.

Anonymous source:

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Branson Ghost Tour Reviews.6 (1)

Branson Ghost Tour Reviews

Branson Ghost Tour Reviews.8

Branson Ghost Tour Reviews.7 (2)


Branson Ghost Tour Reviews.6 (1)





8 thoughts on “Branson Ghost Tours led by Wesley Fox author. Officially shut down. Have you seen the reviews no wonder.

  1. Old reviews is your best then you have already lost it has changed and you need to look at the ways it’s changed before you get your facts misleading and backwards do your own foot work and get it right


    Posted by Kenneth | June 15, 2017, 5:42 am
    • Evan Jensen @4evanjensen Evan Lee Jensen you are not going to win this one we just want you to apologize to every paranormal team and person you have lied on,told fake stories on,or wronged in your shows,blogs facebook,twitter,you stupid son of a bitch,DO IT NOW or keep on with our campaign to discredit you,and your companions,we will stop at nothing and go to any length,there is no stopping us until your name and shows and blogs and social media is shut down, we don’t give up, we have instructed our kids and grandkids to keep this up after we are to old to do so anylonger,so you best settle in this war is gonna be a long one if you don’t give up and in block and fight like the coward you are,and disband every thing you have going in the paranormal world,if we see your name or hear about you speaking,appearing, or even on social media we will come to where your personal appearance or call into your radio/t.v. shows and let your listeners know what kind of jackass you are,oh and the phone call your sister made to threaten us with legal action didn’t scare us at all because she is not even associated with anything legal,she is a blue-collar worker,oh how are liking life in Everett Washington you need to keep

      Paranormal Herald.
      Is this what Branson paranormal does threaten folks,well congratulations on that aspect of your social skills.

      yah can you believe that Edwin?


      I must believe! It’s in the Herald!!!


      I wonder why they hate it so much lmao

      It seems my phone and DSL problems are over…I hope. I will be gone from 12 to 2 your time.


      Seen 8:08am
      Chat Conversation End

      Type a message…


      Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | June 15, 2017, 9:22 pm
  2. To the person that likes to threaten…..check this out…..a show can be done and you can’t just come in there and disrupt anyone because there is a mute button along with a kick button. You are just pushing your luck on threatening people. You all need to stop this Romper Room BS period and grow the hell up.


    Posted by darknesswithinradionewssource | June 16, 2017, 6:04 pm
    • it s all hey know you wrote the truth about me, so am going to make threats what a twisted demented way of thinking but they all seem to have read the same fraud books have they not?


      Posted by Paranormal Herald Admin | June 17, 2017, 6:16 pm
  3. It does seem that way but I never thought that Wesley knowing what he does about a certain someone would even team up the way he did. I do believe everyone is losing their mind. I guess its easier to scam people out of money than get a real job. This is why I am not dealing with the paranormal world any more. Scammers are out there for sure and I am not one of them.


    Posted by darknesswithinradionewssource | June 17, 2017, 7:54 pm
  4. I had always been nice to Wesley, never once disrespectful. To me, it’s other peoples business what they do, why should I stick my nose in anyones business due to I hate that myself! He chose to delete me as a friend because I’m friends with Evan, well hell, as long as I’ve known Evan, he’s been great with me, he’s more than proven to be a real friend while another never gave it a chance to get to know me better, I found that hurtful yet what can you do?
    It’s no wonder I stay more of a recluse…loner…introvert or whatever you want to call it, thank God for good people because there’s so many hateful, mean spirited ones who cut you down for just being alive and breathing! They lie about you not even knowing anything about you….I don’t have time for it and won’t participate in the bullshit.
    So….am I to hate Evan and also Judi? She and I scrapped a few times, lol, we may again, who knows….but we do it one on one and don’t involve anyone in it, perhaps bitch a few days and it’s over with.
    As I said, Evan has always been good to me, I’m not going to stop being his friend because someone is arguing with him!
    Wesley, since you’re reading this tabloid, what kind of friend have you been? Didn’t I tell you straight out I don’t get into his business? I enjoyed talking to you on that show the one night…I truly did. I’m sure you didn’t know this Joe guy was a pedophile back when or you wouldn’t have endorsed him. I see you are with Melissa now, no sooner did she and Will see I talked to Evan, they too stopped being my friend, that was bullshit, I was talking to them both for a good two years….they knew I wasn’t one who caused anyone problems….
    Best of luck in your future endeavers, if you stop cursing and carrying on, all this will stop ya know….the madder you get, the more Evan laughs…


    Posted by Womanspirit | June 18, 2017, 3:18 pm
  5. what it comes down to is we have a person who as of right now has no credibility in the field and is teaming up with a known con artist they both have nothing better to do then to stalk evan everyone knows im not a big fan of jensen but whats wrong with this whole thing is someone stuck there big ass nose in something that had no business sticking it in


    Posted by scott c hamilton | June 18, 2017, 9:16 pm

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