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What is the real purpose of “THE PARANORMAL HERALD”?

The allegations and statements made, are as to be considered alleged. The information is based on information provided and after initial investigative procedure we found had warranted this article.

What is the social responsibility of a media company? Surely, to tell the truth. To accord people a general expectation of privacy and dignity. To expose wrongs, but equally to allow that no-one is perfect. To entertain, for sure, but also to inform. And also to avoid conflicts of interest.

Even though the Herald is a tabloid, it still strives to report on events across the globe. We have reported on those, that have done wrong ,those that have scammed people and those people who have deserved mentions, because of there said integrity. We take no true offence of others not liking there names used, because of the pure or mere fact they may have done some wrong things. Some times the people written about will do outlandish things to silence this paper, even fabricate stories, make false claims and or make falsified police reports,even contact local authorities. What ever it seems to take to stop what millions will call free speech and freedom of press..

To say the least “WE WILL STAND UNITED”

The very mentality of some individual people, is to assassinate the messenger. The writer or the person they will deem responsible for there own social demise. That  individual may have wrote them some sort of injustice. So always remember the source. If you see someone posting multiple times, sporadically all over there Facebook pages, they may be acting out instead of having an intelligent conversation..

To many people want to “win” arguments instead of getting to the greater truth of the matter. Opponents launch into immediate attacks instead of simply asking valid questions. They assert immediately that their position is the only valid position without verification. There way is absolutely correct or they will attack you instead of voicing and honest concern.

With the recent case of A paranormal author, he has acted out after an article was written about a former member of his group. You can see by the actual posts, he may be a little unstable.

The article that was written was about a man,that was let into peoples homes and inside the article are screenshots, that sparked the said article.





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