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Branson Paranormal “If you don’t quit writing the truth “WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE”

The allegations and statements made, are to be considered alleged. The information is based on information provided and after initial investigative procedure we found had warranted this article.

Some of the strangest and perhaps the most dangerous behavior, comes from strangers that pretend to be somebody they may not be. Every since the mid 90’s ghost hunters have popped up in nearly every city and every state within the United States. This has become a serious problem for many innocent people.

There are no specific laws that can or are willing to govern the said activities of these individuals and again that as seen for many years is also a serious problem. Just recently a few articles were written, that most definitely exposed a man associated with Branson Paranormal. The man was alleged to have had fantasies about and under aged girl, had been seen allegedly making some pretty seamy sexting posts or messages to another woman.

When the Paranormal Herald reached out to people to warn them there may be a danger posing as a priest and exorcist, A few people directly associated with the group Joe Eder ministry and one paranormal author Wesley Fox instead of collaborating the story attacked the pages of the Paranormal Herald. It was just yesterday night wed, that the apparent case manager for Branson paranormal had messaged myself in some sort of attempt to keep me from publishing our facts and articles concerning the entire scandal, that broke down before the paranormal world.

Stephen Atkinson, the current case manager was more then willing to share a few minor details about there  exorcist Joe Eder, even stating they broke ties with the man last year? the problem at hand, was the so called priest and exorcist had been used in several investigations and was used to promote two books by the said author Wesley Fox.

After communicating with Branson Paranormal and who had stated he was there case manager Stephen Atkinson, we sort of started getting that creepy feeling, that he was more then willing to make a deal. If we stopped writing the articles, he would expose Joe Eder.

Some serious questions started racing through my mind. First off, we do not make deals and we will not  sacrifice one phony for another .Another wards we are not for sell. A second question was then raised as to why did you not come clean about this plausible danger over a year ago. Stephen answered back. “WE DID. Although no evidence supports this and actually was on the contrary to what was being stated. What came next was vulgar and talk about creepy? After the said conversation was done at least it was for us, then came “A message of “WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE”

Stephen  writes” about where I used to live Milwaukie Oregon and mentions and I-84 overpass. This is when I directly asked him if he was threatening me. What followed was some sort of Black Mail by the Branson paranormal’s case manager.

Stephen Atkinsen”

Ok I’ll call you out on all of it better have rock solid proof.
Let’s go I’m waiting
We’ll take it public if you got the balls you fucking prick
Paranormal Herald:
“After this sort of language and  spoken associated strange behavior, I began the process to simply block the man , as his language was more then enough to show me he wasn’t right in the head.
One more comment was placed into the message box by this same individual, if this isn’t creepy? yet again the man mentions where he thought I was living.
He is no longer affiliated with us and yes Wesley did, I am the manager and Wesleys confidant I know more than your spies will ever know you only think you have spies everywhere I really have people all over the world that can tell me anything I want to know about anybody,anywhere,anytime even Milwaukee oregon
Paranormal Herald:
I told the  guy(Stephen), that I moved from the area 8 months ago. Then hit the old block button.
I was also told by Stephen, that if I wished to play, he was going to tell people I was a convict
To say furthermore, please be extra careful when allowing strangers into your home.

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